Is New Moon Gel safe?

Yes. Definitely it is safe. After continuous research work, animal experimentation, it has been certified to be safe for human use.

Does New Moon Gel contain any harmful chemicals..?

No, it contains natural ingredients and hence can be used without fear.

How to use New Moon Gel?

Clean your hands and vagina properly. Take sufficient quantity of gel on to your fingertips. Gently massage the gel slowly in all directions on the inner walls of the vagina and vaginal muscles until it is fully absorbed. Use the applicator in case required. After application contract and release muscles internally 4 to 5 times. Rinse the area after 45 minutes of the application. For best results apply gel twice daily.

Should the area be cleaned after the application of New Moon Gel?

Yes. After 45 minutes of application it needs to be cleaned. Otherwise it can get mixed up with the normal vaginal discharge and becomes curdling.

 Does New Moon Gel cause harm to my partner?

Definitely not. Since it is made up of natural ingredients it doesn’t cause any harm to you and your partner.

 After applying New Moon Gel how long will it take for the vagina to tighten?

You can feel the tightness in the first application itself. But to improve vaginal tonicity you have to apply it for three months twice daily. Later one application is sufficient.

What is the meaning of vaginal rejuvenation?

It is process of improving the vaginal muscle tonicity, to improve the appearance and size of the vaginal opening. It encourages natural lubrication, reduces involuntary urine escape, improves blood circulation and keeps vagina healthy.

What are the reasons for vaginal muscle loosening?

The main reasons are child birth, aging, and life style management.

Can we have intercourse after application of New Moon Gel?

After application of new moon allow it there for 45 minutes. You can clean it and then have intercourse.

Can New Moon Gel be applied during menses?

No. It should not be applied during menses.

 After 45 minutes of application of new moon, at the time of cleaning there appears a sticky white particle which resembles spoiled curd. What is that?

Yes.  Discharge is most common in woman. It is nothing but new moon gel mixed with the discharge. Wash your vagina with water properly.

 How to find vaginal looseness?

Place your finger inside your vagina and squeeze the inner muscle around it. If you don’t feel enough tightening pressure around your finger that means you have a loose vagina.

Can teenagers apply New Moon Gel?

New Moon Gel is a vaginal rejuvenation tightening gel. It can be used if they want to use.

Is New Moon Gel helpful in uterus prolapsed?

Yes. Regular usage prevents the uterus prolapse and can be used as a preventive therapy.

What are the options for tightening the vagina?

Intra vaginal application like New Moon Gel, Kegel exercise , vaginoplasty (surgery). The best and safest is New Moon Gel.

What is Kegel Exercise?

Kegel exercise strengthens the pelvic muscles which supports the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. It is also known as pelvic floor muscle training.

Tighten your pelvic muscle, hold the contraction for 5 seconds. Try it 4 or 5 times in a row. Work up to keeping the muscles contract for 10 sec at a time. Relaxing to 10 seconds between contractions.

How many times per day Kegel exercise can be done?

Minimum once. Twice is better.

Does New Moon Gel reduce the bad odor?

Yes. If you are not having vaginal infection. For better result use New Moon V-Wash regularly.

What are the precautions to be taken while applying New Moon Gel?

No such precautions. Wash your hands and vagina properly before applying and wash your vagina properly after 45 minutes of application.

Does New Moon Gel cause allergy?

Not really.

When hormone replacement therapy is going on, can New Moon Gel be applied?

Yes can be applied.

Is New Moon Gel harmful for pregnancy?


Will New Moon Gel help to get hymen back?

No. New moon helps in rejuvenating and tightening the vagina only.

Is New Moon Gel safe after delivery?

Yes. Start using after 15 days.

Does New Moon Gel correct the menstrual problems?


Does New Moon Gel irritate after application?

New Moon Gel has been tested dermatologically and is not known to cause irritation. At first application few might cause irritation but next application onwards this problem doesn’t arise.

Can I use New Moon Gel every day?

Yes. You can use twice also.

Should I use New Moon Gel regularly? If I stop using will it get loosened?

New Moon Gel formula is designed for long term solution. It should be applied for 3 months on a regular basis and later you can apply thrice weekly as a maintenance dose.

How do I choose the best feminine wash out there?

Easy. Find one that: is doctor prescribed, has natural ingredients and is not strong-scented. Doctors usually encourage women to strictly follow these guidelines in buying and using a feminine wash because doing so guarantees your vagina’s safety, your money’s worth, and your personal satisfaction. 

Try New Moon V-Wash. It’s made especially for every woman’s intimate needs.

I’ve been using liquid soap and soap bars for years to wash my vagina with, and I haven’t had any trouble yet. Do I really need to use feminine wash?

You’re lucky you haven’t had any problems yet using those harsh substances for your vagina. Or probably, you’re just not showing symptoms of bacterial infection even if you really have it! Remember, studies have proven that almost 50% of women are asymptomatic when it comes to bacterial vaginosis (BV) Soaps in any form (liquid or bars) usually contain high pH values that are very far from the vagina’s own natural environment.

Products like these will only damage the vagina’s natural acidic layer which serves as its protection from bad bacteria.

Frequent use of irritant chemicals like soap will gradually destroy the vagina’s sensitive environment, so only the gentlest kind of cleansing is needed. Do not ever put your vaginal health at risk. Use only the right Vaginal wash every day.

What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic acid is also called “milk” acid. This water soluble liquid is also present in the vulva skin and inside the vagina keeping its natural environment at its perfect balance. Through this, the good and bad bacteria present in the vagina are each kept at their right levels or production making the intimate area safe from all kinds of infection. Lactic acid is produced by the good bacteria lactobacilli, whose growth is in turn also facilitated by lactic acid.

What is New Moon V-Wash?

New Moon V-Wash is a specially designed wash for vaginal area so as to prevent vaginal infection, vaginal odor and itching or burning sensation in vaginal area. New Moon        V-Wash is formulated with 100% natural active ingredients and it does not contain any chemicals, soap or SLS.

Why should I use New Moon V-Wash?

New Moon V-Wash is recommended to maintain vaginal hygiene.  You should use New Moon V-Wash if you are experiencing any sort of vaginal odor, itching or irritation or burning sensation in vaginal area. New Moon V-Wash also helps in preventing vaginal infection and vaginal dryness.

How should I use New Moon V-Wash?

Our cleansing wash is for external use only. Simply wet the area, pour a small amount of cleansing wash onto your hand or washcloth, rub it gently and rinse. 

Can anybody use New Moon V-Wash.?

Yes. From teenage to old age, it is highly recommended.

Can I use New Moon V-Wash at the time menstruation?

Yes. It is highly recommended during this period.

By using New Moon V-Wash will there be a reduction in itching and irritation?

Yes. It will bring down irritation and itching.

Will New Moon usage reduce unpleasant odour?

Certainly yes.

How long should I continue using New Moon V-Wash?

You can use it till you want your vagina to be fresh and clean.

Is New Moon V-Wash pH-balanced?

Yes, it is! New Moon V-Wash does not use harsh soaps, alcohols or other ingredients that can cause irritation. Just think about it, the skin on your elbow is different from the skin around your vagina, and if you had the option of using a wash that caters to your most sensitive areas, you probably would.

Does the New Moon V-Wash contain added fragrance?

Our cleansing wash is lightly fragranced and is hypoallergenic.

When should I use New Moon V-Wash?

It is advisable to wash your vagina twice daily with New Moon V-Wash so as to maintain complete vaginal hygiene. However if you are already experiencing vaginal odor, irritation or vaginal discomfort, it is highly recommended to use New Moon V-Wash daily.

Can I use it during pregnancy?

Yes. It is highly recommended during that time.

When using New Moon Gel, can I use New Moon V-Wash …?

Certainly yes. New Moon Gel is for vagina tightening and rejuvenating. New Moon V-Wash is for keeping the vagina fresh and clean.

Does your New Moon V-Wash contain soap?

No, our New Moon V-Wash is soap-free.

How often can I use New Moon V-Wash?

New Moon V-Wash is gentle enough to use every day.

Any side effects of using New Moon?

Certainly no side effects.